The OW reversible Gilets comes in one style and two types, Autumn/Winter or Spring Summer. There are12 colours to choose from making 144 colour combinations.

The overall difference to the types is one being warmer than the other.  All Gilets made are from 100% pure new Shetland wool, two generous pockets each side, leather-trimmed collars and real horn buttons or leather football buttons.

 Different colour yarns are blended to achieve the beautiful heathered melange colours and hand made in London in the United Kingdom.


The Autumn/winter Gilet

This has a warm a cosy insulate wadding between the fabrics ensuring to keep the cold out but very comfortable and light to wear. 


Spring /summer Gilet

This is lightweight and more suitable for warmer temperatures than winter but will keep the chill away.


Both look fantastic worn smart or casual with the advantage of having the option to wear the colours of your choice and very comfortable to wear. This really is a very useful item of clothing to have available to wear during the day or evening, in or outside or anywhere travelling in the World.

Both are perfect for Town or Country living.

The majority of our Gilets are made specifically to order. However, we do carry a small revolving amount of colour combinations in stock. Please contacts us to enquire. It takes approximately 14 days from order for your choice of Gilet.



Available sizes are Medium and Large. On ordering both Men And Women will be asked for chest sizes.